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Welcome to the Annotated Highway Code

The Annotated Highway Code contains the full, current text of the Highway Code as published by the Department for Transport. But, as well as the text, it also includes annotations and comments by readers and drivers.

Expanded Abbreviations

Ever read the Highway Code and found yourself frustrated by references to HA 1835, RTA 1988, MV(WSBCFS)R and ZPPPCRGD? Well, we're here to help. All abbreviations for laws in this version of the Highway Code have been annotated with help text which expands the abbreviation into the full name of the Act or Statutory Instrument.

Links to Laws

Where possible, all legal abbreviations have been linked to the text of the legislation itself. So you can easily look up what the law actually says when the Highway Code tells you that you MUST or MUST NOT do something.

A more user-friendly website

Although the text used here is identical to that on the government's official website, a bit more effort has been put into presentation! As well as a basic design which is more consistent with the printed version, this website also has individual pages for individual rules as well as pages for full sections. That, combined with a top level domain name of its own (rather than just being a small part of the entire government website), makes it much easier to use when you want to cite a rule in email, on the web or in a Usenet posting. Any Highway Code rule can be linked as 'http://highwaycode.info/rule/N', where N is the rule number (1 to 307), so you don't have to remember or copy and paste lengthy URLs.

Your contributions

Anyone can add annotations, so if you have some comments that you think would be helpful for other readers then please find the relevant page and add them!

More to come

Over time, we'll be adding more useful information and resources to the site, so check back regularly for progress.

HighwayCode.info is an independent website and is not associated with the Department for Transport or any other government agency.

The Highway Code is published by the Department for Transport and is re-used here under the Open Government Licence.

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